How To Start a Mountain Bike

Start and Practice mountain bike requires a high level of total cardiac activity, aerobic and anaerobic, and a strong bone and muscle structure for people practicing or want to start practicing this sport. It also requires a high level of flexibility in our body to support the diversity of muscle exercises to which the body is subjected. For the initiated in this sport, regular training mountain bike competition both as simply as usual sport provides great entertainment and countless health benefits.

How to start with bicycle

To start with the mountain bike needs to be stronger and more robust than for cycling road, as its main objective to start mountain biking is that the body can better absorb the impacts of land, as well as frequent falls to which you may be exposed to perform this sport terrain with considerable difficulty.

It takes usually be young and strong to consider starting this sport and to take the most extreme mountain biking routes, but anyone can try if done in a gradual and unhurried manner. Starting with easy routes and gradually working to get fit and improve skills. Trying to make a mountain bike route that is too hard can be dangerous as well as immediate demoralization.

Mental preparation

Racing bike requires a combination of constant surveillance and control. Preparation of Pre-event is perhaps the most important, know the circuit to meet the variety of challenges is highly recommended. Having gotten acquainted with a track or circuit is particularly invaluable.

Mastery of technique with mountain bike

Techniques to start mountain biking that have to master are different and varied for both training or competitions, such as the negotiation of surfaces and uneven obstacles offered by the terrain, constant pedaling and demanding form, riding and often remove the bike so quick and agile, move with ease by tracks or narrow lanes, and dominal descents steep slopes. The mountain bike riders need to exercise Pedaling extremely high levels and also highly efficient, especially when increases are made for steep terrain in which you have to apply very high levels of tensile strength of the rear wheel. The domain of the bicycle paths or trails are quite difficult must be total, to more technical in handling the bike, better results and more safety on the road. The technique is acquired through training hours practicing these skills.

Training mountain biking

There are several skills that a mountain biker needs to develop (see A mountain biker needs than other athletes training. In such skill development training on the bike while strength and endurance is developed to continued effort is essential. Training should be scheduled according to the physical abilities of each rider, this will cause the result is satisfactory in a short time.

Some of the training techniques are the rise of short duration and very steep slopes, desarroyar technical skills in the domain of narrow lanes and paths or running hard efforts repeat with little recovery time between them. This training should help achieve the development of muscles to the availability of immediate force and repetitively, in addition to acquiring more than enough practice in dealing in various rough terrain and difficulty.

cardiovascular fitness for mountain bike cycling mtb

A mountain biker usually reached in a short time an excellent cardiovascular fitness. If they are to make continued training will be necessary to verify cardiovascular fitness visiting a sports doctor, who will be using a stress test to determine the range of work the heart to which the training will be adapted by using heart rate monitor. Cardiovascular training is any exercise that increases your heart rate and directly increases the strength of our cardiovascular system (heart, lungs, blood vessels). Cardiovascular training focuses specifically on improving the ability to measure cardiovascular markers. Resistance training refers specifically to achieve “hold” longer route. Resistance is also very specific to what and how the bike is used. Cardiovascular training is only one of the eight components that affect specific resistance en route.

Speed ​​training and effort

In order to improve speed and effort necessary to perform interval training. There are several types of interval training, basically it is exercising at maximum capacity during equal time between exercise and recovery. The most popular of these workouts is interval training pyramid. Training is simple. With 10 to 15 minutes of heating and cooling, and one or two sections “pyramid”, you can complete the entire workout in less than an hour.

This type of training helps build short-term explosive energy. This physical condition will help to close or cover a space of escape in the last kilometers of a race, or a normal route on a stretch of rocky climb up and short paths. The pyramid can be done in rollers, or on the road or path. It is recommended that the intervals in the grounds (a hill stretch of road, or wherever) every week, so you can gauge the suitability of improvement and development. One day a week, a day at the weekend, at most. This series of short runs at maximum performance will be the basis to gain speed and endurance.


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