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Wall Clock for Classroom

The wall clock “EasyRead Time Teacher Mini Classroom Clock” dial 29 cm, has attracted a lot of customers because of its elegant design, and while the sleek design is definitely eye-catching. It is certainly more in it that as many useful and practical … Continue reading

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Different Types of Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Lamps German designer make for about ten years being talked about again. Contrary to what one might assume, the center of German design scene is not in the creative metropolis Berlin, but in the industry strong southern Germany. But on south to … Continue reading

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Furniture and Lighting Design

Mater-in German, Mother-. Stands for exclusive furniture and lighting design, the social, environmental and ethical responsibility arises design, craftsmanship and ethics are the key words that the philosophy determine the Danish design brand. The interplay of these three units arise charming, sensual and durable … Continue reading

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David Trubridge Lighting Designer

Once again, we present you with our series “Designer Portraits of” a lighting designer before whose fixture designs are as unique as their designers themselves or put it another way. How would a British shipbuilder call, which sets at 10 … Continue reading

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Night Lighting Company

Northern Lighting Scheisse Scheisse by Northern Lighting represents in our Online Shop Lights Designer Lights, as they are in the book. Designers Hans Bleken Rud led the disciplines of art and industrial design for poetic design of the lamp to produce … Continue reading

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Northern Lighting Company Norway

In lamps online shop and store design place we present you currently newly arrived designer lamps that are this designation truly accessible. Northern Lighting is the manufacturer, whose lighting design was added in 2015 with full conviction for the first time … Continue reading

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How to Match Burgundy Shoes

The red color is a color returned to fashion in recent times. Thanks to chic air, gives an austere elegance to men and women. The shades include purple, ruby red and fuchsia. Wear it in winter is very fashion. Clothing not only affects pants, coats and dresses, accessories and makeup. How to … Continue reading

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Types of Lighting Fixtures in Interior Design

To many new design lamps and lighting fixtures, the range of online shops design place has been extended. Some of these lights and new manufacturers in our portfolio, we introduced in the last few weeks and want you to give this … Continue reading

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How to Wear Beige Sandals

If you follow the trends of the fashion world, you probably need to know about Mast-HEV things that are necessary to be in the wardrobe of a woman. For several seasons category Mast-HEV input beige sandals with high heels. Their … Continue reading

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American Fashion Trends

Nothing is winter, but we now reveal already the fashion trends of tomorrow. Which styles, cuts and colors dominate in the spring / summer season 2015, the wardrobe and what accessories are the absolute must-haves?

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Designer Watch Ladies

What sets the pace in the year 1 after the Smart Watch? What am carrying the woman in 2016 on the wrist? Watch or smart minicomputer?   Trend 1: The Return To Feminine Elegance. In 2016, it is noticeable that this trend … Continue reading

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Home Lighting Ideas Interior Decorating

There are pieces of furniture, which can be integrated into almost every home, and always make there a good figure, no matter how the rest of the apartment furnishings. Such a case are designer lamps . These are in most cases very timeless and … Continue reading

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Fashion Dresses for Ladies

Every new season will release many new fashion trends that are successful with women of all ages and styles. And among the trends, the one which women most interested in during the summer is the models of dresses for summer 2016. Modern dresses … Continue reading

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Best Lighting for Color Matching

A successful room design is always based on different colors. These are reflected in the wall color, furniture color and fabric colors in the form of curtains, pillows, blankets or chairs back. This color scheme creates harmony and ensures the desired feel-good … Continue reading

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Lemnos Plywood Wall Clock

New Wall Clocks Online Store, the exclusive designer watches from Lemnos Japanese design with Greek names! Lemnos, the Japanese Design brand was founded in 1947 by Hiroshi Takata. Internationally known and popular Lemnos was however only in 1989 when the designer Kazuo … Continue reading

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Cada-Schmuck Jewelry Munich

As the young designer Carola Eckrodt first time in 1987 began to pull out of industrial parts and production waste wonderful jewelry creations, they had no idea that they would thus lay the foundation for an international jewelry career. Already the first … Continue reading

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Wall Clock And Design For Everyone

Design Wall Clock Everyone knows, time flies we literally fingers. However, it can make it more enjoyable to look at the time at home with designer wall clock. Today, we can even easily create one’s own wall clock with several companies that offer … Continue reading

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Designer Modern Pendant Lighting

New Designer Hanging lamps & wall lamps, we have added to the range of design place and provide you with this item not only the lights themselves, but also their creators. Nyta is the name of the young light manufacturer that supplies of lovers … Continue reading

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