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Essential Pregnancy Garment

This is a moment that I want to write about this because if I had known, I would have saved some money.

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Essentials of the Pregnancy Wardrobe

If there is one thing that all mothers dread, it is the way they will be able to dress in pregnancy. Regardless of our size, style or our habits, it is never easy to deal with the physical changes that accompany … Continue reading

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Jeggings are Leggings?

KESK la jegging?? That’s trousers whose visual appearance is that the jeans, but mainly with the ultra comfort of leggings! Hence the name “jeggings”, which combines legging jeans &;

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How to Wear Maternity Pants

Last week, we told you about the part of the summer: the a maxi skirt. Decryption of the second part of the season: the fluid pants! 1 pants printed fluid carrot triangle want strawberry, €45 2. pants jersey blue cut loose Justine Mamalicious pregnancy, €44.95 … Continue reading

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3 Months of Pregnancy

3 Months of pregnancy … casually, it’s coming. And also this should already meet at the level of your belly that swells slightly. If some of you have not made a kilo (as the result of nausea), it is now that the real work begins. You … Continue reading

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Adidas Floral Leggings

Our article of the week comes straight from Adidas. This is the floral leggings Adidas being too stylish for that worn during sports sessions. You can of course wear your leggings for your sports training. Adidas is known for its quality and the label leggings … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Outfit Ideas

As recounted in one of my previous articles, I have quite cracked in late pregnancy on parts of the site Mum-to-be Party because I was looking dresses and compatible breastfeeding tops. I did this shoot a few days before my birth (so there is … Continue reading

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Maternity Belly Wrap

The headband of pregnancy, a pregnancy fashion garment accessory for the mom-to showcase his little round belly. This pregnancy accessory is widely offered by maternity clothing stores and this with colors and varied patterns: plain, with text various reasons, wide or narrow… a … Continue reading

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How to Choose Cocktail Dress

Choosing your cocktail dress or prom Falling on the dress perfect for a wedding planned an evening or the ball end of the year, we can sometimes seem impossible, that is why today I’ll show you some tips and tricks to help you find the prom dress (or evening …) … Continue reading

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Ashley Graham Swimsuits

Have you always wanted to be a hottie like Ashley Graham, proud of its forms and simply barrel? It is now possible.To boost our confidence in us to the beach, the model unveiled a collection of swimwear more size, more sexy … Continue reading

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A Pregnancy Dressed for Valentine’s Dress

Approaching the celebration of love. The opportunity to make a dinner just for two, candlelight, or not. An evening to make beautiful and enhance your moms form. When you’re pregnant, the St. Valentine’s day is the best reason to celebrate the future … Continue reading

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Ciao Cellulite With Leggings Fitness Solidea

Just a few weeks I received in my mailbox a package from the Italian brand Solidea. Solidea is a world leader in the field of low and graduated compression tights, yes it is a subject not very sexy I must admit. But I … Continue reading

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What is Smart Sportswear

In the business world, the principle of SMART contracts used in several years, but oddly enough, it has taken time to implement it in other places. In sport SMART contracts applied while on an elite athlete, but why not on any … Continue reading

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Corset & Fashion

With my corset in the public? Tips for corset carrier These Corset Fashion Tips lot of things easier… The diagnosis idiopathic scoliosis generally occurs on primarily at teenage girls. A high-quality, well-adapted corset is therapeutically here the first choice. Really difficult it … Continue reading

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How to Choose Swimsuits

Tomorrow officially begins the summer and it’s time to go to the beach, for those who had not yet done so. Have you already chosen your swimsuit? The swimsuit can seem like an easy choice to make, in reality it is not so! In … Continue reading

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What Dress for What Body Type

To choose a dress no fault of taste and putting you in value, you must take into account your morphology. Depending on whether your silhouette is a pyramid, inverted pyramid, hourglass, rectangle, eight or O, the shape of your dress won’t … Continue reading

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Finding The Perfect Panties

Women bikini-it’s part of the wardrobe choice of which approach with caution and trepidation. In addition to the attractive appearance of panties should be as convenient as possible.

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Lingerie: Should We Wear a Bra Every Day

Big question: should wear a bra every day? If several studies have shown that wearing a bra was unnecessary, not all are in agreement. Weigh the pros and cons for you. Why we wear bras? As a teenager, women are encouraged to wear … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Leggings

An American college prohibits students wearing the leggings. At least under certain conditions. Indeed, the latter will be tolerated only with its accessories (skirt, shorts, dress…) and not in the pants instead. The official reason: “the conduct of students must not become a distraction … Continue reading

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Must Have Dresses 2016

This year, the brands are never short of ideas to clothe us in the most beautiful way. That’s why the long dresses settle as a must – have that will seduce even the most resistant to the idea of wearing … Continue reading

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Jeans Type Leggings

Most image advisors are not very fan of leggings. It is unclear why! However, it is very fashionable.Sometimes, we’re lost because our skinny jeans are stiff so what you want to wear a down close to the body. Only the jegging keeps us trend.

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Corset Wearing Tips

From what I wear a corset? Many fashionistas have long been associated solely corset with a long skirt or evening or wedding dress in conjunction. This opinion is not surprising. He is good, stresses the benefits of the owner, and the surrounding … Continue reading

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Tights and Leggings for All Seasons

Winter or summer, tights and leggings do not leave our gams for our comfort and our delight! Some tips to choose your tights and leggings for child and wife.

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How to Choose Maternity Bras

That consider everything when choosing one? Firm, wide elastic straps should be a very important thing to look for in your maternity bra. Some other need-should have the bra features that include through, a band under the thick chest, and one … Continue reading

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Warn Winter Leggings

The legging is definitely an essential accessory to any wardrobe worthy of the name. Everyone still remembers his introduction in the early 2000s, we then asked all what is going to do with this kind of pair of footless tights. It was a … Continue reading

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How to Associate Colors with the Shirt

For starters, forget the principle of combination of three colours : too limiting, this rule will not help you dress you well. The technique of the layers of progressive colors that comes just to be cited is a good way to start, … Continue reading

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Where to Buy Conservative Swimwear

Poll of 6,000 Europeans for their beach behavior indicates that British holidaymakers are the most reticent of nudity on the beach.

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Try the Colorful Sexy Dresses

When the class evening talking and we always hesitate on the woman outfit to wear it often directs and without hesitation to the small black sexy dresses which is sometimes a mistake. It’s true that black is a classic, your sexy … Continue reading

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