How to Get a Bra That Fits Right

The Bra Fitting means making women happy, understand their needs and their needs. I want you to realize that you are perfect just as you are.” (Pati and Jò) .Curiose? We find out what it is!

In countries like the United States (where he was born in 2000), Great Britain, Portugal and Poland, the BRA FITTING is already the norm.
In Italy we’re almost there (as usual).
What is it exactly? The mystery is revealed.
For BRA ( “bra”) and FIT ( “Adaptation”) reference is made ​​to a service offered in the lingerie boutique , but also in specific departments of large stores, a new profession specializing: the BRA FITTER.

Target of Bra Fitting is to sensitize the female universe to a correct and appropriate choice of their own underwear: it has been shown, in fact, that only 20% of women wear the correct bra size.
The Bra Fitting is basically in Women’s Sports Bra Full Cup (refer to
– Measurement the circumference of the chest and the breast circumference
– interval detection size by consulting appropriate tables;
– identification of the type of anatomical breast;
– assessment of customer requirements and the types and occasions of use;
– verification of size and fit of the garment testing (usually worn under a tight t-shirt to immediately highlight any anomalies of form).

The analyzes of Bra Fitting also pay particular attention to delicate and important moments in the life of a woman, offering bras for inpatient post-operative, for sport and for breastfeeding (periods in which the shape of the breast changes inevitably ).
the new advisory service for women has arrived in Italy with a showroom located in the heart of Rome and managed by the expert PATI and Jò, style dispensers and tips for what to wear properly, without a doubt, it is the undisputed symbol of female sensuality.
(If you’re thinking already at the price of this linen tailored reassure you right away: the costs are not very distant from those of lingerie brands we buy routinely). will the Bra Fitting to expand into other parts of Italy? a thing is certain: it will be useful to women to accept themselves in their uniqueness (… also “cuts”) and to abandon surgery to chase some kind of ideals of beauty … then: that BRA FITTING iS!

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