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How to Tie Your Shoes in Different Ways

Learn how to tie your shoes is something that is learned from childhood, when our parents, after years and years to annodarci shoelaces, decide it’s finally time for us to become independent, teaching us to make gestures that we repeat for the … Continue reading

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Blush on The Vintage Shot

Vintage yet? So push the door of the Paris apartment with us, and find out how you recompose the past in version chic and casual. In the backyard of a neighborhood of Paris, this apartment Haussmann revit under the watchful eye of … Continue reading

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Tally Weijl Skinny Jeggings

Look between the bon-ton and aggressive, the brand loved by young girls presents its must-have for next season. Atmospheres that evoke the traits pin up Greese those proposed for next spring-summer 2015 by Tally Weijl, the brand specializes in young clothing that last fall celebrated … Continue reading

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Guess Handbags on Sale 2016

Always up for style and design, GUESS is a brand whose creation dates back to 1981, by the Marciano brothers.Inspired by European-style Marciano broke through in the fashion world with the innovative ideas of jeans that conquered right now and marked the … Continue reading

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Golden Point Leggings

Online the new collection of Golden Point for the next SS14. Leggings, socks and many new features to be beautiful and attractive on all occasions. Leggings and tights irresistible. The new spring-summer collection Golden Point is available immediately with all their news. The watchword is … Continue reading

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How to Wear Leggings With Flats

Although leggings are usually reserved for the dance studio, fashion ushered them back to the ordinary. Used to prevent the hot leg muscles during dance practice, or for a look inspired by the 1980s leggings are a cute way to stay … Continue reading

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Long Skirt Fashion Tips

Timeless, long skirt finds its place in the wardrobes, and comes with the seasons. But like any question of mode, it is not always easy to know what model to choose, the material to focus on, or the ideal length based … Continue reading

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Vintage Denim Jackets

Iconic piece par excellence, denim jacket has seduced many people through the decades. Back to our favorite looks, spotted on Pinterest. Regardless of our age or style, if there is a piece that can be found in any wardrobe, it is the … Continue reading

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45 Mid-Season Winter Jackets

Not always easy to know how to dress between seasons. Between winter is not installed yet and was living his last hours, you lose it and it’s our dressing room who toasts. Yet just follow a single golden rule: never go out … Continue reading

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Slipper Flip Flops for Women’s

The flat sandals in health ciabatta style are the trend Spring / Summer 2015which surprisingly has made ​​its way into all the fashion collections. Models of this type are the heart of the summer proposals of the luxury fashion house and designer label low … Continue reading

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How to Decorate a Dorm Room for Halloween

Decorating a dorm room for the holidays can be fun. Halloween offers you the opportunity to be very creative in their choice of decoration. Take the opportunity to create a dorm room that is fun, different and a blast to show … Continue reading

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How to Decorate the House for a Halloween Party

Very soon we will have fascinating and a little frightening holiday – Halloween. On the night of 31th October, at the first November barrier between our world and the spirit world disappears and comes the long-awaited time of demons, pumpkins … Continue reading

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Fashion Vintage Style

Long ago, the term vintage is firmly anchored as a designation of a special styles in the fashion world.Whether clothes or jewelry design – here you will encounter exquisite and selected products. The outfit of the past has become a solid … Continue reading

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Vintage Leather Leggings

They’re back! Something I would never wear? But! The 80s leather leggings are back in fashion! With the right combination, you can also avoid the hard rockers Bride Image-unless you legts important!

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How to Teach Your Child to Play Toys

Even at 3-4 months of age, when it begins to show interest in the outside world, the child has the ability to engage in himself for a while. Here are some tips on how to stimulate its independence. Leave Him … Continue reading

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1990s Jeans Montana

Once jeans were work clothes, but talented and creative stylists and designers have done their thing without which it is hard to imagine today’s fashion. But even in the variety of denim products we try to choose the best brand things … Continue reading

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Pregnancy in Style

During pregnancy, maintain a good style is not exactly the easiest exercise. The body is almost unrecognizable, the abdominal always in the way, the bust mostly already. But it works! To inspire the pregnant women among you a little bit, we have … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Woman Leather Jacket

If you are rather small … If you are between 1.55 m and 1.65 m, bet on jackets with short cuts, which fall on the hips to mark your height. Longer models might pack down the figureF. > If, as a … Continue reading

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Veste De Test Gore-Tex Active Shell

The active-shell is a new product Gore-tex to make clothes super lightweight, capable of wicking and durably waterproof. We tested it for you and it’s not a sham!!! The jackets Gore-Tex Active Shell-are excellent jackets for outdoor activities, you do hiking, trail running, mountain biking, ski touring, etc … … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Men’s Watch

WRIST QUARTZ CONE, TRADITIONAL AUTOMATIC OR MECHANICAL? The movement is arguably the most important part of a clock. It’s like the heart of a living being. Without a reliable movement, can’t keep time and then ceases its primary function. None of the dozens of … Continue reading

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Unbuttoned Jacket when Sitting down

Wear a jacket with class, elegance and poise is good, but the pull-it’s a different story (pun we already regret). Nothing really, rest assured, but mettraun little relaxation in your life.

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How to Choose The Right Winter Jacket

The insulating jacket or “jacket” is the ultimate protection against the cold, bringing warmth and comfort. The growing number of offers on the market, these are the elements that allow you to find one that best fits your needs. 1. Down Or … Continue reading

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Haoshi Design Wall Clock

Devoted to “original wall clock,” this collection by Haoshi Design offers ideas not an interior design like no other. Haoshi Design is a company established in 2009 to manufacture and market aesthetic objects that can bring more happiness and satisfaction to their … Continue reading

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How To Choose Fleece Jacket

Choosing a polar depends as often use that we will make. We will choose a pole for his heat input and cozy side. The pole can be worn as intermediate layer (between a breathable shirt and a rain jacket or windproof) or directly … Continue reading

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Why Vintage Fashion is so Popular in London

When you walk around various parts of London, popular markets or even the subway, it is almost impossible not to make an impression how many people are covered with a kind of old clothes, but somehow perfectly combined in a … Continue reading

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Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

The wedding dresses 2014-2015 of the Parisian haute couture are true works of art, of dreamlike creations that every woman wants to wear in her big wedding day. Not only white clothes, opulent and rich of lace, lace, organza and endless layers of tulle, but many colorful … Continue reading

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Vintage Dress Designed by John Galliano

Kate Moss, the bad girl of fashion and entertainment, he said yes and he did it in a wedding dress designed by Toppharmacyschools.org, just to stay in the field of transgression, no? The model chosen favors vintage inspiration that often has … Continue reading

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How to Dress Vintage Chic?

Our site will give us some fashion tips to easily adopt a vintage look. Here are three key elements to a successful vintage look. Top: Fluid and Transparent Flowery! When sunny days arrive, it is very easy to find fluids and … Continue reading

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