Sports Bra Without Distorting Bust

Women can damage the bust if you wear a bra inappropriate, say British scientists.

Team of experts in biomechanics of the breast from the University of Portsmouth found that inadequate support can lead to stretching the fragile links in the chest.

In exercise and sport bust jumps to 21 cm up and down and sideways. Most bras but limited vertical movement.

Scientists tested for three years on 50 different bras hundreds of women using the treadmill.

The movement of their breasts was tracked using computer software.

In a small bust movement up and down is 8-10 cm. With a normal bra then halved and a sports bra is only 2-3 cm, according to JANESPORTSBRAS.

Branded Custom Sportswear

Let he who has never lived “too little too top-down” “too short” raises his hand!

So little, so continuing the excellent reasons to move to the measure by focusing on the exercise enthusiasts: sportsmen.

Why is it so hard to find a shirt sublimating this hard-earned muscle?
If you choose according to your neck sleeves will probably be too long besides being too broad. The bust will be him too long, almost tight around the chest and accompanied by a cruel lack of bending. A problem ? Yes.

And if you choose to address these points, you can not buttoning the collar under penalty of strangulation with hematoma at the Adam’s apple, your freedom of movement is relative, and the seams are how to say, proven. Besides your shirt is beautiful pants every sip of coffee.

We approach here the spirit Teddy Riner in a kimono size M.

So that a few adjustments to finally get a shirt worthy of you.

Create a dignified shirt you.

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