10 Essentials for the Summer

With the temperatures the lust & desire rise even for the Sonnenabeterinnen among us for great companions for the new swim and beachwear. If 3 weeks Caribbean or a weekend at the Baltic Sea – when the summer vacation, also the case packing is being applied. As you pack correctly, you can see “Pack your suitcase – done right!” Packing bags made easy” read. But what are the vacation essentials that you should not give this summer 2014? Here, I’ve put together some suggestions for Holiday essentials for you:

Charming holiday outfits in plus size

The Perfect holiday outfit looks good, but at the same time practical and comfortable. In uncomfortable clothing we squeeze us in everyday life finally often enough.

  • Long Maxi dresses are perfect and at the same time totally hot for the summer holidays. You stretch visually, are airy and suitable for women who don’t like to show leg. You can wear them on the beach, as well as to wander around or in the evening, so perfect for leisure and evening wear.
  • Casual Flip flops in all finishes are ideal for beach and pool. Who is active on the road, can best explore rough terrain in trekking sandals.
  • Matching – or even, if you like it just more sporty – summer shorts are and light shirts in large sizes to pack.
  • For the evening, you can store a few nicer Sandals in the suitcase. At night or in bad weather it can be ever fresh in the South.
  • Bolero jackets in oversize you warm, but not too cuddly.

Swimwear and accessories

  • Swimsuit or bikini must not be missed of course! And then there’s still the Tankinis or Monokinis. Refined cuts hide your problem areas. Panty bottoms, swim dresses or a bad rock hide, for example, strong thighs. Find out more about swimwear plus size trends 2014 is to read about it here in the blog or to discover at our site under swimwear.
  • You can knot airy Pareos loosely around his waist. You always sit and watch whatever. So you’re airy dressed, verhüllst your “problem” Zoenchen and feel but not to “nude”.
  • The same is true for tunics and beach clothes. There are just blouses & tunics in large sizes for every occasion, both for the day at the beach, as well as elegant tunics for the dinner and the evening stroll.

Protect yourself from the Sun!

The Sonnenanbeterinnen among you should be extra careful. Watch out suntan lotion and face creams with SPF, if you’re out there longer. The top 8 summer beauty tips there’s also here in the blog for you.

Caution: Be careful when lotions tanning amplifier or additional self tanning effect. You can stain your clothing. With luck, that never come out! Especially if you’re wearing light-colored clothes then, so necessarily completely drawn (or just in case quite without).

  • Also your eyes want to be protected: oversized sunglasses are trendy this year. Sunglasses in a wide variety of bright colors are striking and also mega said. But also many pastel shades, matte colors are trendy and well selected sunglasses shops.
  • Are you sure style with an elegant Hat. By the way, you avoid this also a nasty sunstroke.

What are your must-haves for the summer holiday?

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