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Free iPad App Brings All Your Cloud Files

Are your files scattered on multiple cloud services such as Dropbox, Google drive and iCloud? A free app can collect all files on the iPad. Cloud services are shot up en masse, but regardless of whether you use Dropbox, Google drive … Continue reading

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Tips for Ironing Men’s Shirts

On the blog My Shirt Man is not the first time that we will deal with the thorny issue of ironing . Indeed, for a time, it’s Mom that back this heavy task to iron your shirts. Then, if you’re lucky, it’s Mrs. will take over … Continue reading

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DR Skips Streaming to Apple TV and Chromecast over

Streaming service from DR, DR TV, will get an app for PS3 and PS4 for summer, but skips over the Apple TV and Chromecast. Summer hope DR on that we will have a DR TV app ready for the PlayStation … Continue reading

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Rumor: Apple’s iOS 7 Is Delayed

Apple’s next big software iOS 7 is delayed to such an extent that several developers are downloaded into, in order to solve the problem. Apple still working flat out to resolve errors and bugs in iOS 6, but at the … Continue reading

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The Mobile Phone Takes up 40 Years

With a Motorola DynaTAC 8000x which weighed only 800 grams was the world’s first phone call from a mobile phone made forty years ago. The third april 1973, then an engineer at Motorola Marty Cooper made the first public phone … Continue reading

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